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Tea Experience with SimpliciTEA Subscription

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Why SimpliciTEA Subscription ?

SimpliciTEA Starter Box

I am on a mission to ensure that you enjoy the simple pleasures of tea. 

This is why I have created the SimpliciTEA Subscription, a gift that keeps on giving. Delivering a delightful tea-centric surprise to your doorstep each month.

By shopping SimpliciTEA Boxes at The Tea Experience NY, you can explore a world of unique and flavorful teas, each carefully curated and beautifully packaged to delight the senses.

The beauty of the SimpliciTEA Box is in the name, they simply cater to both the seasoned tea lover and the curious newcomer.

SimpliciTEA Summer

If you are looking to indulge in luxurious teas and discover exciting blends.
The Tea Experience NY is the destination for you! From the moment you open your SimpliciTEA Box, you're immersed in a world of tea-centric bliss.

SimpliciTEA Subscription Box

SimpliciTEA Subscription Box
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SimpliciTEA Subscription Box

Curated with Care:  Each SimpliciTEA Subscription Box is meticulously curated, elevating every sip into a luxurious journey of flavors and aromas. 

Discover a Year of Flavor: Discover the experience of tea like never before and treat yourself to a year-round unique tea experience. 

Convenient Delivery: Enjoy doorstep delivery, ensuring your tea cupboard is always filled with handpicked blends.

What's Included in Each Box:

  • Delectable loose-leaf teas
  • High-quality tea accessories for sipping pleasure (e.g., teaspoon, infuser)
  • Delightful treats like honey spoons, cookies, or artisan sugars
  • Themed items reflecting the holiday or season, are carefully selected for your enjoyment

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