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Dardiman’s Lemon Crisps Snack Packs

Dardiman’s Lemon Crisps Snack Packs

Packed with the taste of fresh lemon, it is impossible to miss a good source of vitamin C from these slices. Toss them in your tea to infuse with exciting flavor and a beautiful final touch.

These lemon crisps maintain the integrity of a fresh lemon in its color, aroma, and flavor. Just like fresh fruit, slices may have imperfections such as bitterness, seeds, discoloration, and may slightly vary in sweetness.

The heart of a fruit's vitamin content is in the rind, which is why it’s left on.

Raw | vegan | gluten-free | no added sugar | no sulphur/preservatives | no additives | no added colors

Since the Lemon Crisps are single-serve, you must purchase a minimum of 5.

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